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This is a girl who is considered by many a whore because of her actions toward certain guys. This girl constantly is moving on or flip-flopping to another guy right after another, using each guy to get what she wants from them and forgeting about the previous ones. Most of the time the guy doesn't even know what this girl is doing to him because the girl keeps it very quite. When the guy confronts her she lies and says none of it is true.

Another trait is that if this girl can do flips and is sluty she can be considered a Flipwhore.

And yet another possible trait of a Flipwhore is a girl that tells you that she likes you and leads you on, but then is also secretly liking some other guy and lies about it, so she can keep one of the guys for attention and the other as something more, but if all else fails she could flip back to one or the other depending on which one gives her what she wants.

Basicly what do you think a Flipwhore is in the first place and go with your gut reaction.
Why are you acting like such a Flipwhore to that guy?
That should be your nickname, Flipwhore.
You are such a whore because you flip-flop from guy to guy.

by Itsnotimportant February 19, 2006
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