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Once used by my grandmother - told to me when I could not make up my mind - "A polite but funny Insult"
You are a flibbertyjibbit. You get really excited about something, throw yourself into it for a week, and then forget all about it. You buy things from QVC. Your basement is crammed with toys you no longer play with -- shotguns, the Duroflex, self-help cassettes. You don't have a significant other because you are incapable of committing, which is just as well, because you're selfish and lousy company.
by khopp January 06, 2005
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The highest form of swearing imaginable. Every curse word you want to yell in a horrible situation.;
Claude is homosexual.
Flibberty Jibbits! I stubbed my toe!

Flibberty Jibbits!
by Scribbie February 14, 2009
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