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Masturbating to sth. in order to flatter or praise it. The desire to applaud in the most manliest of fashions.

That (movie/song/person/book/place/pizza) made me want to masturbate to it, because I wish to flatter it.
1. Did you see Jamie Foxx's performance in the Soloist? What a fine movie like that part when they were in the hood and it all had this green tint that was awesome, I can't wait to go home and FLATTERBATE to it.

2. I'd have FLATTERBATEd after Inception but it blew my dick away! I could not find my dick so could not FLATTERBATE!

3. That pizza was so good I just have to FLATTERBATE later.

4. Can I FLATTERBATE to your Mom? She's had a hard day and I seriously find her worthy. She looks like Ginger Spice from critically acclaimed pop group "Spice Girls" so I don't think it's weird, do you?
by Rick Stanning January 13, 2011
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