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At full speed, going as fast as you possibly can. (Australian)
"We were fully gunning this old HQ Kingswood totally FLATCHAT downhill with a tailwind, and we still couldn't get away from the copper on his pushie."
by Alex From Oz October 04, 2007
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An Australian slang word meaning to go at the maximum speed possible. To push yourself or your vehicle to the extreme of velocity.
"Wow, that car is going flat-chat! It's out of control!'
by Sir Glame November 11, 2010
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Feigning importance and fraudulently or deceptively claiming to be busy at work when in reality you have sweet FA work to get done.

Synonym: Pretending to be busy at work when you actually are not.
"How are you going today?" "Oh, I'm absolutely FLAT CHAT!" (Sigh dramatically and flutter hand over chest)
by Cactus Juice February 22, 2018
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