Flat food is any food item that comes out of a vending machine and can be slid under a door. Flat food is often used by management to subsist software developers slaving long hours to meet a deadline (death march).
I just fed Bob some flat food so that should keep him coding at least another four hours.
by winston smith the III September 28, 2007
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Flat food are waffles and pancakes or something that's from a vending machine if you do business duty.

If you watch the Mr. Men Show on Cartoon Network, Boomerang or YouTube, you'll notice something about Miss Whoops' problem with eating pancakes.

The only food that does not count are: pizza, sandwiches and cookies
Miss Whoops: "Pancakes?? I really don't like flat food!"
by Rebecca K. Lunetta July 21, 2018
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