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Engineered by the awesome Aussie duo Roy and HG on "The Dream", a nightly TV review of each day of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, were a number of terms describing particular moves by male gymnasts. Flat bag refers to the gentle touching of the athletes groin to the ground whilst doing the splits, usually from a handstand position. See also crazy date, battered sav, hello boys
Yes, and that's a lovely flat bag by Nemov!
by JB February 28, 2005
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nasty whore, U G L Y, no stan. pathetic and still pining over her ex. posts 1000 nudes on priv, but still not convinced she’s a she. claims to hate drama but always the one starting it.
Flatbag has been running her mouth again, I already told that bitch to pull up.
by satans_finest666! November 14, 2018
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