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A condition most often brought about immediately following a rather formidable ejaculatory event.

It will generally cause ones scrotol-sack to appear deflated, flappy and saggy.

The condition typically resolves itself in 8-12 hours once the owner of the flapsack has had the opportunity to replenish his bodily fluids and what not.
Tyrone to his partner: Man homegirl Shwatanquerayray done wore me out bro....she done left me with a flapsack el grande yo.

Lucious in response: Ahhhhh yeeahh homegirl be knowing how to operate her body fo sho. You best get some gatorade or coolade up in ya for the dehydration mane.
by Shit Fkcuer Deluxe September 05, 2013
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The withered scrotum of one brandishing a pegina. Can also be the baggy outer labia of a womans vagina.
"check out that flapsack on the guy with the pegina."
by Charlie7 July 14, 2009
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