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(vulgar) To envelop one's penis with an organically derived irritant (e.g.: hot sauce) and engage in anal coitus.
I'm gonna give you such a flaming anus, you're gonna beg hell to lube your hiney!
by Sanhadrian November 10, 2007
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to pour hot sauce all over your dick and fuck a girl in the ass with it, afterwards, she licks everything off
Man, I gave her such a good flaming anus last night, she had to stop 1/2 way thru to cool it off!
by ddrisgay4000000 February 09, 2007
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(flay-meeng-ay-nuhs) (n)- : A person's anal area that is burning, or "on fire" sometimes one can see this happening exaggeratingly in cartoons or something
Big Brother: You know, Flaming anus looks funnier when you put the 2 words together. FLAMINGANUS

Little Brother: What is a flaming anus?

Big Brother: Look it up on UrbanDictionary!
by The10thPlanet May 24, 2009
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