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Holy Shit.. You're in the flame zone. This is one step between drowning in metric gallons of ass and plummeting to the deepest depths of the friend zone. Very similar to the Catholic concept of Heaven (Getting it), Purgatory (Flamezone), and Hell (Friendzone). Sadly, the decision of where you fall is not up to the person in the flamezone but entirely up the female. The term derives its meaning from the concept of friction/heat. As things get hotter/ more intense they reach the glorified flamezone.
Bob: "Hey I heard you and Maria are getting into it!"
Rick: "Ha, I wish; I've only gotten to the flame zone"
Bob: "Oh shit, you're getting somewhere though.. good luck"
Rick:"I'm still stuck in the flamezone though and hope to get pushed away from the friend zone"
by DickBlock12 January 22, 2015
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