A passionate, but brief relationship; usually accompanied by drama, tears and emotional swings of roller-coaster proportions.
I don't understand what happened - we've only known each other two weeks, but he was so into me. Now he won't even answer my calls!

Sounds like a flameout.
by ahulse July 11, 2008
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Self explanatory.
He did? Well good for him!
by Michael Ely January 27, 2004
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A Louisiana flameout is when a guy gets hammered drunk and then takes a large lady (at least 300 lbs) back to his hotel room. It’s important that said lady has been gorging herself on southern food smothered in ghost pepper hot sauce (at least a million scovilles) for a minimum of two days straight before the guy hooks up with her, (and that the guy doesn’t know she’s been binging on spicy Gumbo, fried oysters, Beignets and gator sausage). Back in the hotel room, in his inebriated state he wants to get a little freaky and tongue the big girl’s anus. As he lifts her ample legs over her head for better access to said orifice, the change in position results in a momentary relaxation of her sphincter muscles and a volcanic eruption of molten magma shit explodes in the guys face. Tell tale signs the following morning are third degree burns to the guys face and inside of the mouth. While it can happen in other parts of Louisiana, it happens in New Orleans on a nightly basis, normally after guys have got liquored up on Bourbon Street, hence referred to locally as the French Quarter Flameout.
You see Tim this morning? Judging by the state of his face, looks like he got himself a Louisiana Flameout last night.
by Shuksan Chan October 4, 2019
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