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Flakelet: describing a person of negligible substance, value, or worth in social situations. Derived from the term ‘flaky’, said person has been unable to form a coherent identity or proper sense of self. Because of a fear of exposure and social alienation, the flakelet typically struggles to engage in conversation without resorting to waffling and pausing, or in particularly severe examples, fabrication and lies. This process of what we might loosely term ‘bullshitting’, involves the invention of stories that bear little resemblance to reality, or the flakelet’s actual existence. Casual observers may be deceived, but those who frequently spend time with the flakelet, are able, with relative ease, to detect the hollowness and emptiness of such yarns. Although these stories are usually harmless, the sheer frequency of these often farcical tales, can over time, anger and annoy others. Sensing the rejection of his/her immediate social environment, the flakelet may in turn attempt to seek approval by adopting the banter of persons considered to occupy a high status level in said social group. However, this ingratiating tactic is often doomed to failure. Because the immediate social group is already aware of the flakelet’s fragile identity, the process of copying and recycling the banter of others, leads the flakelet to be considered something of a sham; a peripheral, phoney, non-entity that leaves no telling impact in conversation or on social events.
Example 1: Man, that flakelet left about as much impression on the room as a fart in the wind.
Example 2: Flakelet talks a lot, without actually saying anything.
by mrspuugj April 04, 2011
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