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One who frags excessively with the flak cannon in Unreal Tournament
I'm a flak monkey. if you don't like it, go play the fucking Sims
by kinglife2 December 18, 2004
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In Unreal Tournament, what experienced players call newbies who favor the flak cannon. It annoys them, because they learned long and hard to aim like bots, and with this weapon it's possible to win a matchup just by knowing where the enemy will go next.
It is then implied, that aiming were the highest of all gaming skills, and thus it'd destroy the game if you can make points without it. Ironically though, any simple bot can aim like a pro, predicting where an enemy will go next is beyond the abilities of any UT bot I know of.
(Team Deathmatch) Yeah we lost, but that's just because you're all spamming newbs and flag monkeys.
by Peter Shaw June 07, 2005
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This is the asshole newb in Unreal Tournament Games that uses the flak cannon excessively , because its the only weapon he can use. Of course this being that splash damage does all the work. Anything with any sort of AIMING involved would clearly be to his/her detriment. Either way, He SUXORS
by [GWoS]Bahamut April 22, 2004
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