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When you have a hard on but become unaroused by something unattractive, nasty, old, smelly, uncalled for, or when a parent walks in on sex with a girl friend, or sessions of masturbation. The penis becomes flaccid so quickly, its as if someone poured acid on it, and dissolved or shrunk it. When you are so turned off you can't get it up, the case is flaccidick.
1.Man last night my girl and i were having sex, and she queefed so loudly, I immediately went flaccidick. I wasn't horny any longer after that, I ended up playing video games the rest of the night.

2. During class i was so horny that i went to the bathroom to masturbate, but someone came into the bathroom and took a smelly shit, and it was hard to concentrate, so i went flaccidick.
by rcpthenemesis December 31, 2009
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