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A sneaky "evasive maneuver" technique for free disposal of your garbage in someone else's dumpster that has a locking-bar on it. Since the lids of the dumpster are usually just flexible plastic, however, you can successfully pry them upwards a few inches in the middle, so if you just use ordinary plastic shopping-sacks for bagging your disposables instead of the larger trash-bags, and only fill each bag with a fairly small amount of trash so that they are only as wide as your fist, you can still cram them into the dumpster.
Practicing fist-width trash-disposal can be a bit tedious/laborious, but it sure beats paying for your own dumpster, plus it eliminates your having to employ the delay/noise-producing strategy of actually removing the dumpster's rear hinge-pin --- and thus risking your getting busted --- just to drop in your bags.
by QuacksO August 07, 2018
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