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A fish nerd is an individual who is very knowledgable and passionate about the keeping of fish in aquariums. This individual will talk for extended periods of time about their fish at any given moment. Not to be confused with a fish enthusiast. To tell the differentiate between the two, you need to ask the person what their opinion on fish bowls is. A fish enthusiast will act as though the practice of keeping fish in bowls is normal. A fish nerd will react as though fish bowls are an abomination. They will launch into a hour long lecture about how the practice is inhumane and cruel and explain the nitrogen cycle at great length.

Fish nerds are usually environmentally minded and are good to have next to you in a biology class. They are unfortunately very prone to aquaholism and MTS (multiple tank syndrome) if left to their own devices.
That fish nerd knows more than our bio teacher does
by BeanDipFishNerd April 17, 2017
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