A browser that is known to eat holes through Macs and PCs alike. Browse your favorite sites while simultaneously melting your fan(s). Watch funny YouTube videos and also take in the lovely smell of molten metal. The best browser for the multitasking type. Can also be used as a verb meaning "to bring to a very high temperature"
Dude, I totally Firefoxed my laptop.
by satansgoldfish February 18, 2015
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Really bad Clint Eastwood movie from 1982. It's basically Hunt for Red October but worse in every conceivable way. Features Eastwood as a US Military deserter with crippling PTSD, who the brass decide is the best guy for an extremely sensitive mission into the Soviet Union.
Guy 1: Hey have you seen Firefox?
Guy 2: What? You mean the web browser?
Guy 1: No, the shitty Cold War movie.
Guy 2: No. Sounds bad.
by Cathode Misfit April 20, 2018
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