Any individual that works in the fire service who is usually one or more of the following:
1. Young and fresh out of fire academy
2. Hides his/her inexperience behind their massively large ego
3. Brags about a couple fires they went on with their PCF company.

4. Always has something to say such as "that's not how we did it at my PCF station."
5. Refuses to admit wrongdoing
6. Has firefighter license plates and/or stickers on their large lifted bro truck wth a light bar and HID headlights.

7. Tucks ears into duty hat
8. Usually more concerned with wearing one way reflective sunglasses and conversing with other fellow fire chodes than the training or incident at hand.

9. Cannot survive without a cell phone
10. Extremely active on social media and usually posts pictures taken in the fire engine or vape pictures.

11. Uses stupid slang words that no one in the fire service understands.

12. Usually lives at home and after getting a paid job with a department, buys a brand new diesel truck that usually costs more than most people's house payments.
FF1; "Is that guy checking the weather on his phone while we're going code 3 to this vegetation fire?"
FF2: "no he's just updating his status and Facebook picture. He's a fire chode"

FF1: "what are all those guys doing with their cell phones out? We're supposed to be training!"
FF2: "that's the new batch of fire chodes we just hired. I think they're comparing vape pictures."
by Longdongtom69 July 31, 2016
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The best weapon to be used against a crowd of zombies.
It's when one uses a chode of immense proportion and smashes it down upon the heads of zombies to such a point where it becomes engulfed in flames.
"Looks like I'll have to whip out the firechode."
by FreddyFantastic August 26, 2009
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