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Firang-singular form or Firangs-plural form: Pronounced as Fee-RA-Ung/s:
A derogatory term used in India when referring to a Caucasian person in Hindi. Originally thought to have developed as a contemptible term for British officers and gentry by disgruntled Indians. Today used commonly to refer to any Westerner in casual conversations, akin to 'gaijin' in Japanese.
First Person: Hey, what’s all the commotion about?
Second Person: Aah, some firangs got into a fight.
First Person: Really!?
Second Person: Yeah, they tried to feel up someone’s girl!
First Person: *snicker* I guess they're used to having sluts over there!
Second Person: *laughs* Firangs!
by Prithvi March 11, 2006
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Firang (Firang: adj, slang Foreign)
Call centre employees are taught how to imitate the firang accent. And if one is not good at it, one runs the risk of being thrown out. The person might be better than others in all aspects, but if he is a poor mimic, he has to leave.
by Firangamon August 18, 2005
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