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Far worse than nausea, headaches, vomit stains, battle wounds, dehydration, cramps, gas, the shits, grogginess, toilet hugging or when “the sunlight hits you dead in the eye, like it’s mad you gave half the day to last night.”

Occurs when you wake up and notice you’ve spent a copious amount of money the previous blackout night. Could include leaving your tab open at a bar, or simply losing your wallet like a true inebriated dumbfuckboozer.
Dude, I’ve got the worst hangover. My head is pounding harder than I pounded that slizz last night.

Check your wallet fuckface, I bet your financial hangover’s worse. You bought the entire bar shots of Jack last night.
Yo, you gotta have the worst financial hangover mankind’s eva seen. You bought multiple fifths, a quap of trees, six pizzas and an STD-free prostitute.

I wish I remember at least one of those purchases, but at least I’m classy and didn’t buy myself the herp.
by Syracuse JOHNSON October 19, 2009
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