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We are all familiar with the underrated yet infamously potent insult, "filthy cunt". Any female who does not cringe upon receiving that succession of succinct wording is truly soulless which ironically happens to be the kind of thing that deserves such labeling. This particular upgrade places a special emphasis on the young lady's alarming rate of promiscuity. I hesitate to publish such a powerful insult publicly since I fear it will be overused. Do not release this gem from your arsenal unless the cumburping gutterslut really causes the last straw to break.
Jose Contreras: Today my girlfriend tried to apologize to me for getting double teamed by the Mexican yardworkers while their homies filmed it all.
Bruce Lee: That filthy mudcunt...
Jose Contreras: That's what I said! Unfortunately it didn't register as insulting to her since she has no soul to speak of.
by benny b from the bronx August 15, 2007
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