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There are thousands of people from throughout the world suffering from fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and chronic fatique. Yet, the medical profession seems to be confused as to what causes these symptoms, and have trouble labeling them. It appears that these three diseases may all have common destructive bio-film bacteria as their root cause.

Many people have spent countless thousands of dollars with their family doctors, neurologists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, etc. yet, still suffer major pain and fatique.

Since the medical profession seems to want to not address the seriousness of the symptoms, nor provide a label to them in one term, the word "fibrolynemia" was created.
"She suffers from chronic fatique, has pain throughout her body and feels horrible every day. Her doctor is not sure what is causing her symptoms, so he offers that it could be "psychosomatic" and offers her prescription to improve her mood. The prescription does nothing but give her even worse side-effects. She then goes to a pain specialist who says her symptoms show she probably has fibromyalgia and prescribes narcotic like scripts that take care of some of the pain, but makes her fatique worse plus sick in her stomach. This seems to be a never ending cycle for many sufferers of a group of potential illnesses, that we call, "Fibrolynemia" and thus, she is called a "Fibrolynemic!"
by Botanikos July 09, 2013
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