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the worlds most supreme car ever known to man .. i mean it manages 97 mph and sometimes dosnt even break down - ususally if you are lucky the brakes fail
woah man thats one phat fiat uno there

yeh i like the way it rusts
by sexy jim February 10, 2004
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The car that will always be different from any other hatch back. Comes in red, blue, white and sometimes brown. is comfy, drives like a dream and never fails to get you from point A to point B. Made in Italy, and designed to drive 5 people over rough Roman roads without a problem. Front wheel drive and only made with Manual transmission.
Look its a fiat uno. I would be so cool if i had one.
by Stefan Brakus May 27, 2006
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Simply, a slang expression used at the end of a sentence by someone to add intention to a story or anecdote.
She had a proper dirty mouth ... U know, FIAT UNO.
by Big Bag May 23, 2007
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