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Fian's, are bitches, and are usually crazy and have lots of energy. They do all they can to annoy you, no matter what. Fian's love candy and always try to be cool. Through it all Fian's do have a good heart, though only a few ever get to see it. If he likes someone he will not show it. He wilL annoy that person until they realize or he is ready to tell them how he feels. Fian's are actually great friends though only to whom he chooses. He can be a bully though sometimes might not mean it.

All together Fian's are annoying, but sweet people deep down.

From Ashleigh S, Ellie B, #WAIMA
He is annoying but i think he is sweet, he must be a Fian
by Ashmire369 June 06, 2018
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