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A curse word, literally meaning shit, in some circles, i.e. science-fiction/fantasy/RPG, meaning specifically dragon droppings. Generally used in place of "Oh shit!!" as in "Fewmets!!" but also useful when various persons enter the room as a face saving and parent impressing alternative to "Fuck!!"
Joey says " Hah ha! d20! I cast demonic mortis on all in the castle!"

Jimmy says " Aw Fff--"

- Joey's dad walks in the door -

Jimmy : "Fewmets!"

Joey's dad: "what does that mean?"

Whereupon Jimmy goes into the whole spiel about the word originating in medieval times to refer to spoor on the hunt, and about how medieval huntsmen operated, thus convincing the father he will be a good influence on Joey and impresses Joey by his quick thinking scramble to stay out of trouble.
by obscurecursewords August 18, 2011
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