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Typically a capitalist in older cultures and societies, or practically, in most countries in the world except a few that are genuinely democratic and with good enough and fair enough social systems for everybody - even the ordinary. The capitalist has socioeconomic advantages that are insurmountable for the under classes to compete against or to rise up to; thus, a continuation of the medieval political system known as the feudalism is carried through in the new form as the modern socioeconomic feudal system, and to continue to protect the old wealth and power of the new type of all powerful lords in the capitalist form.
Dude1: “dude, how the heck.. this kid just got the PhD from.. South Hammn I.T... and he is running the bank starting tomorrow?!..”

Dude2: “He is the feudal-capitalist clan dude! Better watch it bro.”


Dude1: “dude, the government program booklet said if you got a good idea, you proved it, and the banks will have to loan money if you want to do business with it under the program … it’s just not true..!”

Dude2: “dude … that business is probably one of those for-feudal-capitalist-only thing dude ... they have the banks, they make the rules, they even have your world around you in their pockets; what you gonna do?..”

Dude1: “how ‘bout shove a communist revolution up their ass dude!?”

Dude2: “ … dude.. where u gonna get the AK & RPGs dude? … the Korean commies probably don’t even give those out for free anymore dude.. besides, the feudal-capitalist probably run the whole distribution channel at this joint anyway dude..”

Dude1 ...

Next day..

Dude1: “dude.. got the new government program booklet today.. guess what, from now, you’ll need an already running business that already have revenue and you’ll need to own some properties and you’ll need about ten backers before your damn loan can be considered by the feudal-capitalist..”

Dude2 ...
by sonobasta February 13, 2010
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