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generic nickname for men on online dating who insist on hitting on every single female in the chatroom,in particular men on the site nzdating. these men often have weiner pictures as their profile picture,think they have good sense of humour,have un-realistic idea's of their charm and ability too pick up women. they often use the 99/1 rule (hit on 100 women, 99 may say no but 1 will say yes!)
these men go for one of two approaches....either the " ne ladez wanna root 12 incher" or the "hi my number is...txt me?"
they are not only persistent but frequently become angry at the rejection and mocking that ensue's and lash out at the room.
which leads too more mocking.
p.s the words fun , skype , msn are all warning signs of these types of festicules
mr12inch : hey any chickz free in **** area for some fun tonight?
(general multiple response by other chatters) : LOL ^^^^
mr12inch: you are all fat and ugly anyway
(general response): LOL ^^^^ what a festicule!
by byte_me February 20, 2014
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