Feeling means a type of animal that lives in space
In the deep wilderness of space,there lived a peaceful community of ferlings
by Felena March 08, 2017
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Aluminum wrap for food usually named reynold
Hey corndog Bring me that aluminum ferl! I gotta wrap a tater or two!
by Waterbreathinslipperinwatereel October 04, 2020
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The lazy man's version of "for real?"
person 1: "I saw our old high school teacher today."
person 2: "Get out of here, ferl (for real)"
by Ilene S August 01, 2008
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A 13 year old girl who was at one episode of American Idolwhere she started crying because she was so starstruck by Sanjaya Malakar's proformance. But she cried during other people singing and the reason she got such good tickets was because she cried so much during the dress reahersals that the produceds offered her family tickets to the filming which leads us to belive she was doing it to get stuff. She then got a: hug from Sanjaya, backstage passes to another recording, a pair of earings from Palua Abdul, a pair of used pants from Simon(odd), and autographs from all the contestants on Idol.
Wow Ashley Ferl got a lot of stuff for doing nothing.
by LillyGrean April 14, 2007
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this phrase arose from the trending ermahgerd dialect. A group of college kids in their 20s who work at a pizza shop in Richmond, VA spoke the phrase "feel the moll" (in reference to the drug molly) in the ermahgerd dialect, coining the phrase, "ferl the merl." One can also say they are ferrlin' or "ferrlin' the merl" lieu of saying "rolling."
**at a pretty lights show**

Zach: (stroking a soft fuzzy blanket & chewing on a straw) Ermahgerd

Andrew: What's up bro, ferl the merl?

Zach: ferrlin' the merl man.

Andrew: good shit, I'm about to be ferrlin' too
by QueenOfFerrlin October 18, 2012
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A Austrian slang word for a nice looking male human.

Its put together from the words "Fesha Kerl".
Schau da den keshn ferl auf dem Photo o.

Des is a kesha ferl.
by GoetzvonBerlichingen November 06, 2018
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