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Middle East term for foreigner, dervived from the term Frank, when the Franks invaded the area during the Crusades.

"you know, Muhammad, going to the city you find many ferangi from the west."
by pliney the elder April 06, 2009
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An excerpt from Michener's 1963 novel Caravans, page 9: "I was always bemused by the Afghan word for foreigner. When the first Asian students saw this ugly word, with its even uglier connotations, the unaccustomed combination of g and n perplexed them, so they invented an expressive pronunciation which included all the letters, heavily fraught with hatred, envy and contempt. Some pronounced it ferangi, with a hard g, some feranji, others foreggin, but it meant the same."
Those ferangi have strange ways.
by Machete Myron April 07, 2012
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A ferangi is a term used to disparage a male who is percieved by other men to be a creep, jerk or pervert.
If there's a girl out there who is seeing or spending time w/ some guy you don't trust, call the motherfucker a ferangi!

The word ferangi comes from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, to classify an alien species, whose male gender, are greedy and sexist pigs!

If you give this definition a thumb down, you're a ferangi!
by NastyHugo June 09, 2008
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