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Inbred under evolved East Anglian local people - more like a monkey than a human. East Anglia is statistically the most inbred area in the British Isles. It's residents are scared of the outside world, never venturing further than the local McDonalds. They mostly marry their cousins. The small gene pool produces monkey faced locals that inbreed frequently creating more monkey faced knuckle dragging kids. Despite their tribal existence they have no pride in East Anglia and moan all the time about how shit it is to live there - on this point they are correct but they are the problem.
Peterborough, Wisbech, Whittlesey are just some of examples of the local towns whose uneducated fen monkey residents are so insular that they are inherently rascist and bigoted. They persecute migrant workers that have settled in their towns to do all the jobs that they don't want to do or are incapable of doing. What these East Anglian retards don't realise is that they have no culture of their own whatsoever. The alpha males in Peterborough like nothing more than a rascist chant to support their local piss poor football team and then a jeering stand off with the away fans in the car park afterwards. They are actually a bunch of fucking cowards though. The minute it looks like one of them might get hit, they run back to the cover of the bushes and their vauxhall astras.

They should welcome the influx of hardworking foreigners as they just may create some cultural diversity and boost the gene pool that might make East Anglia a bareable place to live.
by 9 - 5 pacifist September 28, 2007
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