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(fem nem itees) any type of evidence that a woman leaves behind that leads to the male in the relationship getting caught cheating. in many cases femnimities are too small to be caught be seen or picked up by the mans natural eye. its highly important while cheating to get rid of the other womans femnimities... yes even strings of hair and the lipstick smudge on the napkin that she threw in the bathroom trash can.
while my wife was out, i smashed my jump-off on the living room floor. after we finished and i was walking her to the door, i spotted one strand of hair on the carpet (her femnimties). with wifey coming home soon, i decided to get rid of all feminities; hair strands, smell of perfume and lotions that the wife doesnt wear, foundation marks on the carpet. females spot other women's femnimities natural. its in their genetic make up.
by hotboi Q March 27, 2009
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