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A female + fanatic / Evolving from over-the-top female sports fanatics - now just depicts passionate women who can pulloff both unique feminine style and can enjoy rugged, often sporty things (rock climbing, dancing, chasing Jonas Brothers, etc).

Femmatic women are the fantasies of many men.

Not to be confused with fangirl. Femmatics tend to be looked up to, trendy women who simply surprise people with their borderline crazy passion about a team or smtg in particular (hence the sophisticated and French double "m"). It is a term of endearment.
at the office Unattractive David Spade: "Hold on, is that a Steelers logo on your cheek?"
rolling her eyes Hot, stylish Adriana Lima: "Uhh.. yyeah.."
hesitant Unattractive David Spade: "I had no idea you were a Steeler femmatic! Wa-wanna..go out?
not hesitant Hot, stylish Adriana Lima: "Nope".
by tarheeler July 17, 2009
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