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An individual of the female sex who demonstrates viscious and ravenous behaviour towards those of the opposite sex. This individual possess a fanatical reverence for feminist ideolgies; holding them as the absolute truth. The fembeast uses this fanaticim to declare the evil of men every chance they have, and provoke arguments when possible. Conversation is useless against the fembeast, as any statement will be declared to be the result of privledge, and hench not aplicable to her oppressed state. One must be cognicisent of seeminly benign actions around the fembeast as well, as these too may be taken as a manifestation of patriarchal oppression.
"I held open the door for a women and suddenly she ripped into me about my barbaric patriarchal mentality and how she won't tollerate my presumptious oprression." 'Man, sounds like you ran into a real fembeast.'
by tothemax2019 June 08, 2018
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