Rationalization Hamster - It is a creature that inhabits the female brain and helps them spin out rationalizations when they get into a predicament. When faced with a a dilemma, the female brain that houses the rationalization hamster, causes the hamster to start working by jumping on its wheel and running really hard. In the process it spins out a rationalization – an excuse, that absolves the woman of the blame and predicates it upon farcical self- justification.
Female - I know it is not his baby, but if I don't tell him that, it's not actually a lie. After all, I won't be hurting his feelings.

Guy - Wow! So you believe it's not a lie when you make him falsely believe that the child is his, and hide the fact that you lied to and cheated on him?

Female - It just happened like that. I was heavily drunk and was not thinking clearly. So it's not my fault, you see.

Guy - Damn, that female rationalization hamster must be working overtime!
by DDwd5 February 20, 2014
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