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This is a ship between Tom Felton (British actor) and Daniel Radcliffe (British actor). These two are mainly renowned for their parts in the popular movie franchise - Harry Potter - but have starred in many other films as well. This originally started out as a ship between their characters, in Harry Potter, that they played. Felton played Draco, and Radcliffe played Harry. Felton encouraged the artwork and fanfiction, though he did say he found them a bit alarming. However, us shippers know he secretly reads and writes fanfiction between him and Radcliffe.
Fan 1: So, between Harry Potter characters, do you ship Drarry?
Felton: .... Daniel and I have been getting it on for years, mate.

Fan 2: Did you ever steal anything from the Harry Potter set, and what would you want to steal?
Felton: What would I want to steal? Radcliffe.... No, but I never have stolen anything. Oh, you know, it was because there began security checks to make sure no one was stealing anything; so Daniel and I had an on going joke where I would tie him up and chuck in the back of the van. So, when the security guys opened the van up, they would see him just tied up and gagged.

Fan 3: What do you regret not doing?
Felton: Not kissing Radcliffe...

Fan 4: So, there's an ongoing ship between you and Daniel called Feltcliffe. What do you think of it?
Felton: ...It-it's pretty alarming, but I have read some. Um, it's a great ship nonetheless, in fact, I think I began it in a fan meetup!

(there's nothing of Radcliffe talking about ships)
by I'm a Ravenpuff January 20, 2018
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