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Feleisha is a warm-hearted person who cares mostly about her family and making others happy. She is very intelligent and will stand up for herself and others whenever needed. When she sets a goal she is determined abd will never back down . She is drop dead gorgeous and is always going to be your go to gal and the person you will tell all your problems to without having to worry about her not actually caring. She has a hilarious laugh and aint afraid to use it. But all good things come with its imperfections. A feleisha will never stop talking! When you talk to her on the phone theres no end! I guarantee if you have a feleisha in your life you have the best life ever!
*phone rings*

Him: Who is it?

Him: ohhh.... Talk to you in 5 hours!
by Chicken Nuggets 4 Life March 11, 2018
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