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definitions vary according to each individual's use or interpretation of the word, and/or the context it is found in.

the word is rumored to have emerged from vancouver's downtown east side by a group of adolescent males who were at the time under the combined influence of marijuana, alcohol, and red bull, which is commonly referred to as being "red-stunk'd" and is now widely known to being highly addictive, and in rare cases fatal. the young men, in a state of delusion, led themselves to believe that they were legitimate rap artists. (it may be of interest to the reader that although all six present were fans of this alleged music genre, and that two members of the group were considered to be thugs by at least a portion of the party, none of them were in any way involved in the producing, distributing, or performing of any genre of music, let alone rap.) it was in this confusion that the term was coined and was given such mad props and in general so highly respected that one who witnessed it's birth said confidently, "if 50 cent said that in a song i would actually think he's kinda dope", although it is highly debated whether this is a true reflection of the testifier's clear-headed feelings as he himself was quite hopped up on red-stunk at the time.
i keep 'em bitchez greased up like a feestup
by Bobby Casanova September 11, 2007
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