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feelwave is a type of music where said song quotes various old shows and movies with a sad or motivational feel to it or sometimes the said writer writes or says something that does not match the beat but has the same feel

All in all this type of music is for people who need a kind of assurance or someone to tell them that they feel sad too and are not alone.
feelwave: In beowulf song " D e p r e s s i o n" he writes

lord i pray today for the hollow hearts that lost their way,
for the fathers raising children when their daddy never stayed.
push the hatred down the river, don't stop till it fades away.
i know other people hurt you baby, but i'm here to say:
even though you feel your clouds are getting darker shades of grey,
just hold on a little longer, tomorrows a brighter day.
lord may you carve your name in their hearts of clay,

and put a fire in their soul that never dies or goes away.

This part was not sung but added to a calm beat.
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