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A feeljob is a female feeling a male's penis through a pair of boxers.
The first and probably most important step of any good feeljob is finding the proper spot. A location for a feeljob should be somewhat secluded in a public place. One of the fundamentals of a feeljob is the occasional need to stop due to passing people, however, it should be able to happen for at least 10 minutes without interruption. The proper spot can make a feeljob more worthwhile.
Once a proper location is found, a feeljob must be slowly initiated. Begin with an innocent activity, such as drawing on the boxers. A trademark of a good feeljob is a signature in a bright color on or around the penis area. Boxers with a lighter box pattern are preferable so that first time feeljobbers may get accustomed to coloring them in. Be careful, if you begin a feeljob too quickly, it may be rough and enjoyable for neither side.
Proper conversation with the feeljobee, or the person receiving the feeljob, should be continued. Feeljobs can be done with more than one female, but generally one should only have one male. If more males are added, it may become an awkward experience rather than an enjoyable one. Be careful that a feeljob is not given to a male who may shy away from public affection or get frightened into silence.
Begin coloring around the penis area. If the feeljobee seems to be enjoying the pens or markers around their penis, it is appropriate to begin using one's hands. One way to check if a feeljobee is enjoying a feeljob is if there is a minor ejaculation. This can be seen due to the smudging of colored boxes. When using one's hand, be careful to not only feel the penis through the boxers, but on occasion, touch the actual penis through the hole in the boxers used to pee. Those on the right side of the feeljobee may be flashed, so try not to keep the boxers open for too long.
A feeljob should last about two hours. If it is less, the feeljobee may feel cheated. If it lasts longer, the feeljobee will wonder why you don't just move on to a handjob.

Be careful when dealing with pedestrians because one does not want to disturb the peace by giving a feeljob. When anyone begins to pass, cover the feeljobee's boxers with a sweater and request that they sit up.
Be cautious when coloring. No one wants a purple colored penis and it may cause pain.
Be careful to not color around the penis too hard.
Do not smack the penis, it is a sensitive creature. If you accidentally smack it, apologize because the feeljobee will be in extreme pain.
Be careful around the testicles, if they are slammed to hard, it would be excruciatingly painful.
I got the most awesome feeljob!
by Kaxmorg May 20, 2009
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