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The use, in ordinary non-industry conversations, of technical jargon - or 'industry speak' - serving to exclude or confuse a non technical participant of the conversation.

With an acute sense of irony, this word was deliberately 'created' as jargon. Thus it is (for those not yet familiar with it) an example of the very thing it seeks to describe.

The word was created by a group of film makers in South Africa specifically to describe much if not all of the casual conversation that takes place at any gathering of film makers - most of which is pure undiluted feeblesnat of the highest order.
"We told the Gaffer that we wanted the Gobo to be dutched, but his Best Boy thought we wanted to dutch the red head and the whole shot was NG. The DOP was so angry he shot the whole of the rest of the day MOS" - This whole conversation is almost pure feeblesnat.

"He was telling me how the website was going to be developed, but I didn't understand a word of it - it was all just feeblesnat!"
by Paul S Rowlston February 08, 2007
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