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One who eats feces. Term is coined by combining the terms feces and carnivore. In addition, a fecavore is also a person who's breath smells like shit.

See ficavore
Mark: Hey Chris have you taled to Mike today?

Chris: Yea I talked to him but I was so distracted by is breath, it fucking stinks.

Mark: Yea he is such a fecavore
by TheTerrible Tim 2.0 March 16, 2008
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To partake in the eating of verbal diarrhea. To eat shit. Primary sustanance is fecal matter ( SHIT ). One who enjoys eating anothers verbal shit and regurgitate as to feed their young
I knew he was a full flegde fecavore after his boss spewed obvious bullshit from his mouth and he accepted it with a smile
by the FEARLESS September 25, 2011
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