fblock is a wannabe gang located at the dreaded fletchers medow school of gay bitches. fblock kids are gay and suck eachothers dick every wednesday in the gym locker room, they also have a gay leader who is a pussy ass wannabe who watchs gay porn while sucking his homies dick. To get into fblock you have to do this ritual which is kinda gay but who knows... so you have to suck every members dicks until they cum and finally you gotta suck ur own dick until it turns purple and then congrats, you are a new member in the gayest wannabe gang in the entires continent.
Your mom: Damn are those fblock yutes

Ali: Ya dawg I got in fblock and I sucked everymembers dicks to get in brooo
by FBLOCK GAY LORDSS January 23, 2020
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Runs the city. In the ends of Fletcher's Meadow Secondary School. Spg, Rlg, Cmg, Malton and Swood are they're bitches. They're main area in the school is behind the main stairs.
kid 1: Arent those the fblock niggas?
kid 2: yea dont fuck with them they run these ends
by FLETCHERS FBLOCK October 26, 2018
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