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Cheating on your boyfriend or girlfriend by saying certain words, phrases, or "things" to another guy or girl over Facebook Chat or on his or her Facebook Wall.

Also a witty combination of the names/words Facebook and cheating(duh)

If you were looking for facebook cheat that is different.
Cheating Girl : I'm fbating with you!
Guy: What?!?
Girl: Yeah! I want sex RIGHT NOW! With you! I hate my bf!

Cheating Girl 2: I miss uuuuuuuu!
Guy 2: I miss uuuuuuu too!
Girl 2: I can't leave my boyfriend!
Guy 2: Just dump his sorry ass! We're already fbating on BOTH of our bf/gf's.

Cheating Guy: Yeah you like that! Yeah!
Girl: Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!
Guy: Geez relax we're not having real sex! It's cyber sex just like what WOW losers do. Wait when the real thing happens!
Girl: Ok. Just dump your loser gf b4 she figures out you've been fbating with me.
Guy: Oh I already did.
by Jabbaaanjustlikeyaneighba June 24, 2011
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