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Adj., Noun, Verb foh-zee, foz-ee:
1. To understand that you're understanding nothing and therefore you understand everything.
2. To be severly fucked up, and in a state of confused open-mindedness.
3. The name given to one who posesses fauzzie qualities. Usually this title is temporary.
4. To have "candy flipped" two or more drugs and started coining your own words.
1. Dude, like, we know nothing...But in knowing we know nothing, we know everything...Wow, that's fauzzie.
2. Look at that guy gnawing at the fence over there! Man, he's a fauzzie fuck!
3. I see you are wearing your drugged philosopher's cap today, Fauzzie.
4. Dude, the XTC, and 'cid are kicking in... You know if there is one word to describe how this feels, I guess it'd be: "fauzzie."
by Fauzzie Fozzington April 15, 2009
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by FooBarBiz October 12, 2017
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