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n. a pose pre-arranged by the photographer to fake the likeness of a photobomb
To create the fauxtobomb, he asked the strangers to wave while taking a picture of the statue.
by 师父Mike February 15, 2013
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A photobomb not only staged, but lacking any appearance of spontaneity. The prototypical photobomb from which the word derived was staged, but achieved the desired spontaneity by placing the smiling stingray against the female subjects' shoulders.

Celebrities who regularly perform photobombs for fans and memetic exposure may become adept at appearing genuine, some don't even attempt it, and some truly have the prankster spirit and timing to interject spontaneously. Other times, a celebrity photobomb may simply be an opportunistic selfie.

A photobomb's authenticity may become questionable due to image cropping; a visual composition that gives equal weight to the photobomber gives the impression the shot was taken to intentionally include them.
Jimmy Fallon thinks that if he stages enough fauxtobombs, one of them will become viral. But they all have the same expression and placement, all taken at a tourist destination.
by enkephalin07 March 02, 2016
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