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When something is cheaply constructed, made in china 3 months ago, but is "aged" to look like a real antique. These items are easy to purchase at pier one or other mid to lower end "import" stores.
Colin: Hey did you see Dave's new place? He just got a bunch of stuff from that mall store that sells cheap imports.

Paul: I don't see why that guy thinks buying all those fauxtiques is gonna make his place look good. He has brass plated elephants for crying out loud.

Colin: I know, its horrible. It looks like the best western "safari experience" theme hotel.
by schmuckaneers June 29, 2009
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Fake antique - an object made to look old, which is in fact new built, often sold to the unsuspecting or nouveau riche.
Excited by the fabulous price, Mary really wanted to buy the Napoleon style chair until she realized that it was merely a fauxtique knock-off, and not the real thing.
by JonathanWLoganPDX December 02, 2010
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