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N. a faux phone call, or a phone call where there is in fact nobody on the other side, where one holds their cell phone to their ear and goes off on a monologue, often times pausing or gesticulating in order to imply a conversation. Often times used when loitering for extended periods to make it appear as though you are waiting for somebody or are doing something other than standing around aimlessly.

Can also be used to alleviate the awkwardness of walking down a long street towards another you may not know or do not want to talk to, pretending to be on a call can provide an excuse not to talk to interact with the person.
I was at the store and I saw my ex from a couple years back checking out. I immediately whipped out my phone and began a fauxn call until she left.

I was waiting to get picked up outside 7/11 and rather than stand about shadily I started up a fauxn call and began a convincing soliloquy until my ride arrived.
by JustBonds May 01, 2011
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