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Someone who watches too many PETA/animal cruelty videos online and suddenly proclaims they are a vegetarian. Common traits include "occasionally" eating meat, or only eating chicken. Fauxgetarians usually disregard their commitment to saving the animals after a month or two.
Heather's not a vegetarian, man. She's a fauxgetarian, she just watched too many PETA videos last week.

She told me she was a vegetarian, but I saw her eating a whole steak yesterday. Now I know she's just a fauxgetarian.
by typicalskeleton July 06, 2008
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"that guy". He claims to be a vegetarian but only for the reasons of self gain. Uses his vegetarian status to sit in the good seats at starbucks. He also plays up all of his green shirts as recycled. Hes a douche and is playing the system. He hangs out at the Apple store, at home he uses an HP..cheater.
Fauxgetarian: OMG I'm sooo hungry, I want a salad
Hotimpressionablegirl: Salad!? thats soooo noble and hott! Most guys are so diluted and human and normal and eat meat. lets go to dinner!
Fauxgetarian: *in his mind* hell yeah, and after you leave my house I'll eat my Jello and jerkey.
by thatruth1 July 31, 2009
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