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noun, foe-sha-list: Rich college kid who goes dumpster diving and only wears thrift store clothes because he/she thinks it shows solidarity with poor people. Finances frequent cross-country trips to protests that he/she knows nothing about with Daddy's platinum card. Refers to people who show contempt for this lifestyle as capitalist pigs. Misquotes Marx on a regular basis. Is totally lacking in the ability to see the irony in his/her politics.
I am so sick of the wannabe protester, faux-cialist kids in my anthro class, I could scream.
by Kathryn January 18, 2004
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A faux socialist; one who professes to follow socialist principles, but in fact opposes or undermines them at every turn. Tony Blair's "New Labour" in the UK is a well-known example.
Tony Blair took the socialist Labour Party in a new direction in 1997, creating the fauxcialist and neoliberal "New Labour".
by Cottleston Pie May 10, 2011
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