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The hair style people who wannabe lax bros have. They spend all their time fixing it up so they look like a laxer. A common method is putting on a hat after showers. You can tell who has faux flow if they aren't a laxer.
Yo, look at Joe's faux flow, he thinks he's a bro.

Why does Chris spend so much time on his faux flow, he doesn't even lax
by Hat Trix Lax Trix September 26, 2010
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the trick day at the end of a menstrual period when you think you are done bleeding from the vag but you are not.
i thought my period was done so i didn't wear a tampon, but then the faux flow came and i bled all over my pants and my car and my boyfriend.
by juliaonthemoon July 30, 2008
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