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A fattie page is an overweight woman who attempts to emulate the style of Bettie Page. They are very easy to spot due to the hideous jet-black 'Bettie Bangs' they wear. This hairstyle looks ridiculous even on attractive girls, but it is especially comical when paired with the swollen plump face of an obese woman.

The fattie page is in the same family as rockabilly. In addition to the hairstyle they usually are covered in tattoos, chain smoke, wear very old fashioned clothing (think 40s-50s), pretend to be badass, and hang out in dirty dive bars with other 30+ year old white people who are also trying to look like tattooed versions of characters from Grease.

The obsession they have with Bettie Page (and vintage pinup girls in general) can be directly linked to their obesity. Models from that era were heavier than models we have today. You can always count on a fattie page saying "curves are sexy" and of course "Bettie Page would be called fat by today's standards." They like to use this as a way to feel attractive, and modern beauty standards are the reason why nobody finds them sexy. What they fail to understand is that Bettie Page was still half their size, and that nobody outside of the fashion industry would ever consider her fat if she was walking around today. All it takes is a quick glimpse at a picture of Bettie Page to see that "curvy" is not the same as "fat".
John: So did your girlfriend drag you to that roller derby match?

James: Yeah it was horrible, the music was shitty and I had to sit behind a fattie page.
by Thelastnormalpersonintheworld October 07, 2013
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